Forensic handwriting analysis services

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Forensic Handwriting Expert, CFDE

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Forensic signature examination and forensic handwriting examination are both discussed below. The terms "examination" and "analysis" are often used interchangeably but, in the context of the work that FDS undertakes, their meaning is strictly scientific.

Handwriting experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Colorado legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Colorado.

Manny Gonzales has over 34 years experience in Questioned Document Examination and is a handwriting expert. He has testified over times in county, state and federal court & is bi-lingual. Manny prides himself in thorough, meticulous examination of each document he analyzes. Back To Services.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis – Expert Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

Forensic Handwriting Analysis Service. Working with the countries leading handwriting analysis experts Forensic Resources are proud to offer a comprehensive forensic handwriting analysis, signature analysis and document analysis service to private and public sector clients across the UK.

In cases such as identity. Handwriting General Discussion. Handwriting is the scientific evaluation and comparison of the writing features / characteristics present in handwriting and signatures, and is carried out using low power microscopes and varying lighting conditions.

Welcome to the scientific approach to handwriting analysis! We focus on courses, seminars and forgery detection. Visit today to learn more!

Forensic handwriting analysis services
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Wendy Carlson – Forensic Document Examiner – Handwriting Expert and Forensic Document Examiner