Editing theses and dissertations

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Editing & Publishing

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Our clients vary from professors with major book projects to master's and doctoral students who are looking for bespoke editing services for their dissertations and theses.

We have more than 15 years of experience as editors and proofreaders and have worked with a wide variety of projects. In part, academia uses theses as a way of testing the ability of students, especially graduate students, to use written words for communicating ideas and arguments. Yet students sometimes ask editors to provide a full gamut of editorial services.

This document provides guidelines for the ethical editing of English-language theses at the. Use our APA editing service for your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation and work directly with the APA expert you select.

Don't agonize over italics, statistical symbols, punctuation, or whether to use "fourth" or "4th." Let your APA editor polish your paper. Get on with your life and career.

I editing typed and proofed many theses editing reports for university students and proofread eight thesis — six fiction including The Iceberg Trilogy by Sherryl Caulfield and two non-fiction for Greig Caigou. Editing research theses 'Guidelines for editing research theses’ outlines the extent and nature of editorial services that professional editors can provide when editing research students’ theses and dissertations.

Editing Your Manuscript. The responsibility for editing UA theses and dissertations resides solely with the student.

Editing research theses

Because members of your committee read your manuscript carefully, sometimes numerous times, you may feel that it automatically will be sufficiently edited.

Editing theses and dissertations
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