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Nov 01,  · Luke Jackson is a cool, gutsy prisoner in a Southern chain gang, who, while refusing to buckle under to authority, keeps escaping and being recaptured. The prisoners admire Luke because, as Dragline explains it, /10(K). Home. Welcome to the official home of Coolhand.

The perfect place for you to check out our music, take a look at some of our videos and get to know a little more about the band. We all know the famous scene in Cool Hand Luke where the men working on the road stop to watch a shapely woman wash her car.

During that scene, "Dragline" (played by George Kennedy), puts on a pair of makeshift sunglasses, then removes them a minute later remarking "damn things is blocking the scenery.". DIY Souvenirs!

There are super cool Luke Days and patriotic souvenirs for sale at Luke Days—with a hefty price tag. If you have little kids, consider picking up a pack of little American flags for your kids to wave and a bag of Army Men or.

Critic Consensus: Though hampered by Stuart Rosenberg's direction, Cool Hand Luke is held aloft by a stellar script and one of Paul Newman's most indelible performances%.

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