Athletes not overpaid

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Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

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If You Think Athletes, Actors & Musicians Are OVERPAID, Read THIS

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6 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Are Not Overpaid

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Are Athletes Overpaid ?

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17 Most Overpaid Athletes of All-Time

Oct 25,  · Believe It Or Not, Professional Athletes Are Actually Underpaid In June, Forbes published its annual list of the world's highest paid athletes. But as is often the case, things are not. Of course, at an NBA-high salary of $ million last season, how can you NOT be overpaid?

Rashard Lewis, Wizards (overpaid by $21,) No offense to Lewis (No. 9), but he is the poster child. Other athletes who make a living from their sport, albeit not in the competitive world, include canoe/kayakers Ashley Nee, who worked as an EMT in Maryland and is a kayaking instructor for Liquid.

I believe that, yes, athletes are overpaid. Not only is the sole purpose of their job entertainment, but. they get millions paid to them a year. The athletes are paid over double of what, say, doctors get paid per year.

Doctors are needed, or at least highly useful for a healthy (and even happy) life. days ago. Support Dispute Clarify. What does the average accountant make? I m not entirely sure, a comfortable living I guess, but one that lies far from the gilded luxury of the truly rich.

Here s the thing though; the top. We see sports stars haul in tons of money, often overthinking they're overpaid. But the data paint a different picture for these professional athletes.

Athletes not overpaid
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Are most professional athletes overpaid? |